Welcome to my blog about life after losing a child.

There is nothing private about what I write here, period. However, please do not share my blog or anything on my blog without my expressed consent. Also, please, be mindful of your comments and remember that this is MY way to express loss and grief, which is completely different from anyone elses’ journey. I may not relate to your views, religion, ideals and feelings, but I promise I won’t judge you directly, either.

I have scaled back my posts because I, like so many, change after the death of a child. Still, expect me to talk about whatever gets me, whenever I feel the need to get something off my mind.  This blog covers infant loss, death of a child, triggers, intimate mundane feelings, therapy, depression, doctors, frustrations, day to day activities, cars, tattoos, spouses, death in general, anger, emotions, feelings, hobbies, goats, favorite blogs, motorcycles, my life, quotes, sadness, the “DBC Dead Baby Club”, grief, dogs, adoption, culture, happiness (it’s rare), possible inspirations, more triggers, stupid comments, ungrateful people, hospital / medical stuff, etc.  It’s what happens once life changes.

Just assume that I will talk about EVERYTHING because this blog is about life after the loss of my child Vincent. I will try to keep the curse words to a minimum. I will not discuss/debate religion within reason. I’ll always be brutally honest. This is my new life wading through the mud just like everyone else except I have part of my heart and soul missing.